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     Stone Creek has been in the fly business for over 11 years.  During this time, we have found it is not advantageous to have several different models of rods available as most anglers fall in a fairly narrow category... A fly rod that they can cast, can handle both dry flies and streamers and that looks nice.

We have narrowed that to offer two different fly rods... 

One is our Halcyon Series Fly Rod.

The second is our Trout Stalker Rod/Reel Outfit .

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Rod/Reel Outfits

Stone Creek, Ltd. introduces our new Halcyon™  Fly Rod Series.  Halcyon™, pronounced HAL-se-uhn, is the Mythical Greek King Fisher and bringer of "Good Fortune".

Our Halcyon series offers a very nice moderate/fast action fly rod at a very reasonable price.  Quick enough to deliver large stones and streamers, yet delicate enough to land that dry fly just where you want it.  A must for novice anglers and a great back-up rod for that higher end rod.

With a matte green finish, window reel seat complete in a tube, this is a fine rod at a great value!

Halcyon Series Fly Rods
Model Length Piece Line Tube Price
HL804-4 8 Ft. 4 Piece 4 Wt. Yes $159.95
HL865-4 8-1/2 Ft. 4 Piece 5 Wt. Yes $159.95
HL905-4 9 Ft. 4 Piece 5 Wt. Yes $159.95
HL906-4 9 Ft. 4 Piece 6 Wt. Yes $159.95
HL908-4 9 Ft. 4 Piece 8 Wt. Yes $159.95

  Trout StalkerTM 
Rod/Reel Outfit Includes 4 Piece Fly Rod!
Priced At Only $180.00 to $200.00 Each!

Trout Stalker™ Outfit... The ideal Fly Rod/Reel Combo.  Great for both novice and advanced anglers alike, this outfit features a midnight blue, moderate action High Modulus Graphite Fly Rod, Die-Cast / Disc Drag Aluminum Reel, Fly Line, Leader & Backing all with a Rod/Reel Case to protect your gear.

The new 8 Wt. Trout Stalker™ is designed for large Trout, Steelhead & Salmon fishing.  This model comes with an 8 wt. "Cassette Reel" pre-loaded with an 8 wt. Floating Fly Line, PLUS an additional Cassette with an 8 wt. Sinking Fly Line for quick & easy change out!

  The Very Affordable Trout Stalker TM Outfit Includes...


   4 Piece  - /  High Modulus Graphite Fly Rod (Midnight Blue). 


  Aluminum Reel Seat


  AA Grade Cork Grip


  Die Cast - Disc Drag Fly Reel Pre-Spooled With...


  WF Floating Fly Line


  20# Fly Line Backing


  9 Ft. - Leader


  All With A Rod/Reel Case!  

Everything you need to get fishing today!

Model Length Piece Line Rod/Reel Tube Price
TSO804-4 8 Ft. 4 Piece 4 Wt. Yes $190.00
TSO905-4 9 Ft. 4 Piece 5 Wt. Yes $190.00
TSO906-4 9 Ft. 4 Piece 6 Wt. Yes $190.00
TSO808-4* 9 Ft. 4 Piece 8 Wt. Yes $230.00
* 8 Wt. Trout Stalker comes with Cassette Reel w/ extra cassette...
already pre-spooled with an 8 Wt. Sinking Fly Line!

Dealers ...  If you own, manage or order for a fly shop, sporting goods store or other retail outlet and want information, on becoming a Stone Creek Fly Rod Dealer, please click here: Dealer Information.